Forgetful me…

How many times has this happened? You’ve placed the note on the most obvious spot on the fridge or bathroom mirror. You made sure to look at it at least this week – but it still happened. You missed the appointment, forgot that birthday, had to ask for that extension, and hopefully owned up to […]

“I’ve got so much to pay for, how can I even begin to save?!”

Money. Expenses. Credit. Debt. More and more it seems that the disproportionate cycle of what we earn to what we must pay is increasing to vast degrees. It’s presenting itself in the amount of home foreclosures, bankruptcies, layoffs, a widening gap between income classes, and fractured families. In a world filled with “how can I?!” […]


In the hustle and bustle of the digital world, it’s easy to get passed by quite a few times. This site serves as an outreach into the digital medium, in order to allow others to discover a bit more about my thoughts, skills, abilities, interests, strengths and weaknesses, not to mention probably a few quirks. […]

Seven ways to identify with your team

If you don’t lead with intention each week, your relationships (professionally and personally) will only be paper thin.

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The weakest link

The weakest link

A few years ago, the catch phrase around people’s mouths was, “YOU are the weakest link.” Since then the phrase has faded from most of our minds, but the mentality is still just as present as it once was. There have been innumerable books, blogs, reports and opinions written and stated about getting rid of […]